Lexie: Grief may be a thing we all have in common.. but it looks different on everyone.

Mark: It isn't just death we have to grieve. It's life.. it's loss.. it's change..

Alex: And when we wonder why it has to suck so much sometimes, has to hurt so bad.. the thing we gotta try to remember is that it can turn on a dime..

Izzie: That's how you stay alive. When it hurts so much you can't breathe, that's how you survive...

Derek: By remembering that one day, somehow.. impossibly.. it won't feel this way. It won't hurt this much.

Miranda: Grief comes in its own time for everyone.. in its own way.

Owen: So the best we can do... the best anyone can do... is try for honesty.

Meredith: The really crappy thing, the very worst part of grief, is that you can't control it.

Arizona: The best we can do is try to let ourselves feel it when it comes..

Callie: And let it go when we can.

Meredith: The very worst part is that the minute you think you're past it, it starts all over again

Christina: and always, every time... It takes your breath away.

Meredith: There are five stages of grief. They look different on all of us, but there are always five...
Alex: Denial
Derek: Anger
Miranda: Bargaining
Lexie: Depression
Richard: Acceptance

~ Ending Naration from Grey's Anatomy, Season 6, Episode 2 - Goodbye!

Untuk semua korban dari semua perkara (semuanya, bencana alam, gempa lama, gempa baru, gempa kemarin, gempa tadi pagi, banjir, longsor, tsunami, bencana sosial, perampokan, penculikan, tabrakan, sakit, semuanya), semoga bisa diberi ketabahan, tidak terlarut begitu lama dalam duka, tidak marah pada Tuhan, tidak menjadi lemah, dan pada akhirnya bisa menerima semuanya dengan ikhlas. Amiin..

~ Mona Luthfina

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